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While going through this website, you automatically agree to the following terms of service.

First, our website only accepts visitors with the age of 18 years and beyond. As a result, we may or may not require you to confirm your age before giving you access to the platform. Secondly, we will not accept any accountabilities in case of loses connected to information obtained from our platform. Therefore, be careful while putting to practice any details you retrieve from our website.

The platform will always ensure you obtain fresh and up to date material. However, we do not certify the correctness of the materials provided. Another critical aspect is that the website does not give any legal advice to clients. That means you have to adhere to your local laws as well as other laws within your jurisdiction. Lastly, our website will more often than not contain third party links embedded within the content. You may also find third-party software among other clickable or downloadable materials. With this in mind, we are not responsible for any of those links or software. Therefore, once you leave our site, you will automatically be governed by the terms of service of that particular website.

Note that the above terms of service are meant to protect you and keep you safe while navigating our website.